Environmental Policy

Here at The Reid Hall, we are committed to the environment and do our utmost to ensure this message is passed on to everyone who visits us.

We source all our food, both ingredients and prepared items, from suppliers within Westray, then Orkney itself and then further afield (only if needed).  This allows us to offer the finest local ingredients with the lowest carbon footprint as possible.  Westray is a ‘Fair Trade’ island and we support this initiative.

Our heating system is a high performance air-source heat pump, feeding modern and efficient heat exchangers in the main living areas and bedrooms.  100% Low energy lighting is used throughout and we encourage guests to turn off unused lighting.  We offer eco friendly USB charge points for guests to charge their portable devices, which turn off automatic fully once charged.

We data log our heating and energy systems to monitor usage 24/7, to allow us to adapt and minimise our energy footprint at all times.

Hot water is stored in a heavily lagged storage tank, centrally within the building.  Ensuring energy losses are kept to a minimum and draw off times are minimised.

We recommend guests cycle or walk around the island where possible and offer details for accessing public transport as needed.  Providing maps and timetables for all local services.

We reuse and recycle our paper, glass, plastic, card and tins.  Dedicated bins are provided in public areas for guests to help in our efforts for recycling.

Towels: we ask guest to leave towels on the dual energy heated towel rails and we change the towels (at our discretion), daily if required.

We turn off any appliances that guests may have left on, unattended.  Our TVs are all low energy, flat screen units.  Building computer systems are all low energy. using ‘sleep’ modes to maximise energy saving performance.

We actively investigate and review schemes and policies to ensure we progress with the latest environmental policies available.