The Reid Hall is a modern conversion of a old building.  We have kept as many of the building features as possible for your interest and appreciation.

We have strived for comfort and safety in a modern environment:


Heating is provided throughout the building rooms from a powerful and very economical air source heat pump.  This transfers heat into a pumped water system directly from the air, with a coefficient of performance of around 4:1.

This heated water is used to either charge the hot water cylinder, feed through the fan assisted convector heaters or directly feed the towel radiators in the bathrooms.

Additional portable heaters are available (upon request), if there is exceptional inclement weather during your stay.

All beds are fitted, all year around, with ‘sleep safe’ electric blankets.


Our lighting is 100% low energy.  With all fittings using LED or florescent output devices.

Outside lighting is automatically controlled, so it provides safe lighting at all times.  But the lights are extinguished automatically when there is enough natural light.  So there are no external lights left on during the day.


The Reid Hall has the fastest, most stable and redundant broadband service available for guests on Westray.  Although not classified as ‘Super Fast Broadband’, its aggregated throughput easily equals this type of performance.  Sustained throughputs have been measured in excess of 15Mbps over 24hr periods.  Burst transfers are also extremely good.

Combined with advanced Open Source routers, giving unparalleled Internet connections for traditional guests and demanding business users.


This is an old building and as such has limited access in certain situations.

Car parking: Although on a slight single axis incline, it provides a suitable hard standing for most uses.

Front Door:  The access into the building is generally quite flat.  However, there are 3 steps down to the front door.  There is a handrail to assist access.  If you require further (temporary) improvements to these steps, such as a ramp (although steep), or ‘half steps’, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for your needs.

Within The Reid Hall: All the floors are polished wood, with occasional rugs.  The entrance to the showers has been reduced to less than 50mm (2″).  Everything is on the same level.  If you would like this adapted for your needs, please contact us to discuss further.

Note: The wooden floors and the external pathways may become slippery when wet.


As with all public buildings in Scotland; it is illegal to smoke (including ‘electronic’ cigarettes or Vape) in the building itself.  If you need to perform this type of relaxation, there areas outside available.


All electrical equipment and services are electrically checked every 6 – 18 months for your safety, beyond relevant local and national regulations.  By fully qualified personnel.

This includes:

  • Insulation testing – Reduces electrical fires
  • Earth bonding – Reduces the risk of electrical shock
  • Residual Circuit Devices (RCD) – Minimises the risk of electrical shock
  • Voltage Stability – Prolongs equipment life and reduces electrical fires
  • USB Charge Voltages – Minimises the fire risk from portable equipment
  • Fire Alarms – Heat and Smoke – Provides prompt alert to combustion
  • Portable and Fixed Appliance Testing (PAT / FAT) – Reduces electrical fires and shocks

As far as we know, we are the only accommodation provider in Westray that offers this level of safety verification and protection to our guests through our annual testing program.

There are no Carbon Monoxide (CO) sources within our facility (other than a ultra low risk gas hob), excluding anything brought in by a guest (which is discouraged). No gas grills or heaters, open/closed fires, boilers, etc.