Getting Here

Finding us

See below for details on how to get to Westray.

We are very easy to find, we are located on the main north south road (B9066) than runs the length of Westray.  Braehead Manse is situated about 1mile (1.6km) south of the main village Pierowall.

Using a SatNav

Using a SatNav can be a little tricky.  The use of our post code (KW17 2DB) is not recommended.  This is because the post code covers quite a large area of the immediate area.

It is better if you are able to enter one of the following coordinate systems:

Google Maps

Longitude/Latitude: 59.308475N by -2.975377E

Plus Code location: 825F+9X Braehead, Orkney

What Three Words: ///remainder.straws.violinist

General Directions

From Rapness Ferry Terminal (from Kirkwall)

By bus (~10min): Collect the bus from by the waiting room near to where the ferry docs.  Ask them to drop you at ‘Braehead Manse’.

By car/van/bicycle/foot etc (~6miles / 9.6km):
– Head north and leave the Rapness Ferry Terminal car park, turning right to head north towards Pierowall village.
– Follow the course of the B9066 for about 6miles.  We are on the left, the grey colour Kirk (church) is right beside the road.
– You will pass the cream coloured Parish Kirk (church) at the top of a hill.  Visible for quite some distance from the south,
– Continue past, down the hill.  We are the next large building on the left side.

From Gill Pier (from Papa Westray)

~2miles / 3.2km
– Proceed from pier in a north easterly direction and join the B9066 (main road).
– Follow the main road all the way around Pierowall bay and pass through the village.
– On the south end of the village, the road turns sharp right and proceeds up the hill, proceed up the hill.
– We are at the top of the hill, on the right.  Big grey Kirk (church) next to the road.

From Westray Airport (WRY)

~4.1miles / 6.6km
We suggest you arrange with us a free airport collection.  Please have ready your flight departure time from Kirkwall Airport (KOI).  You can also book with the local taxi service if you desire.  But please ask for an estimated cost before you book.
– Leave the airport and follow the main road all the way to Pierowall bay.
– Continue along the B9066 (main road) by heading straight on (southward).
– Proceed through the village, after which the road turns sharp right a proceeds up the hill, follow up the hill.
– We are at the top of the hill, on the right.  Big grey Kirk (church) next to the road.

Getting to Westray

Presuming you have arranged to get to the UK.  You next will need to get to Kirkwall on the Orkney Main Land island.

You can do this via ferry:
– Pentland Ferries: Pentland Ferries
– Norhtlink Ferries from Scrabster or Aberdeen: Northlink Ferries
– Fly into Kirkwall airport: Loganair or FlyBe or Kirkwall Airport (for information only)

Please contact your travel advisor or us for more information.  Arranging correctly timed connections can be quite difficult at certain times.

Note: Westray is an island.  Orkney is a archipelago of some 70 islands.  You can not drive here directly.  There are no bridges or tunnels.  You must arrange transport by aeroplane or ferry.  And these should be booked in advance, to avoid disappointment and to understand your connection timings.  Especially during summer, well in advance of your desired travel dates.

Note:  All transport in and around Orkney is complicated by winter and summer timetables.  Please ensure you are referencing the correct one for your relevant travel date.  They do not all change on the same date.  And timings are subject to foul weather disruption (wind/tides for ferries, wind/visibility for planes).