Site Safety


In addition, the services within your rooms have changed.  Refreshing of the rooms, like making your bed, or topping up teas and coffees will no longer take place.  You will need to request such services as needed.  You will need to vacate your room to allow us to action such requests.

You will be expected to vacate your room between the hours of 10:30 and 16:00 each day.  Special requests can be made for day occupancy, but this will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, such as abnormal weather conditions.

Your rooms will be checked before your arrival for faults/damage.  Where possible this will always be rectified before occupancy.  But it maybe required to make such fixes during or after your stay.  This may require you to vacate your room to allow the work to be completed.  If a fault should occur during your stay, please contact us in a timely manor before your departure for the day or checking out.  Accidents do happen and generally faults and breakages are not charged for, if reported as prescribed.  Any maintenance work will be carried out as per current regulations.  Any emergency faults (e.g. a leaking pipe, or spilling coffee on a bed) must be reported immediately to us, day or night.


The Braehead site is used for multiple purposes, including your accommodation.

Please be aware of various hazards around the site.  Please notify us of anything that particularly concerns you.  Any permitted pets must be leased/cage at all times during your visit.  Generally pets and children are not normally accepted during guest stays.  There are several trip and fall areas, please stay clear of these.  They are not within normal guest areas.

The shower facilities have been specially installed to minimise the threshold for guests and should not present any issues to most mobility needs.

Other than the entrance steps (see below), the facility is flat or with a minor slope.  Floors are generally wooden and any mats/rugs can be removed or relocated if needed.

The steps into the hall are often a problem to people with mobility issues.  Too large a rise, slippery or such like.  If your require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We have temporary middle steps to make life simpler if needed.  We can also apply additional jet-washes or salt to the steps and walkways, if they present you any problems.  Automatic lighting is provide around dusk and dawn to aid transversal of the steps and walkways.  If you need more light, please let us know.  In winter it does get very dark, darker than most people expect.  We understand this and can provide additional lighting as needed either externally or internally.

One of the businesses operated from Braehead is connected with building construction.  To this end, materials, tools and plant equipment is often present.  It is recommended to give all such items a wide berth, at all times.