Electrical Safety

All electrical items available within our accommodation are tested for electrical safety as per UK and local regulations.  This includes portable equipment (such the hair dryer or TV), fixed appliances (such as the washing machine).

In addition we regularly test the electrical continuity of the earth connection to current regulations.

We also provide USB charge points on several power outlets for your convenience.  These are ideal for charging your equipment quickly and safely without the need for any adapters.  These charge points are also tested for correct voltages and current limits.  Where possible, please use these dedicated outlets for USB chargeable devices.

Please do not use multi-way or UK to your country electrical adapters.  You maybe held responsible for any electrical or fire damage caused by using untested or unapproved electrical charges and appliances.  Low voltage portable devices such as laptops, tablets, etc.  which have a low-voltage adapter can be used.

Additional heating.  Heaters maybe provide to ‘boost’ the heating in your room during abnormal weather conditions.  These are available upon request, or may already be provided for use in your room.  You may not use your own heating equipment and doing so may incur additional charges.

You may not use any food preparation equipment in your room.  Nor may you use any of the accommodation food preparation equipment either, currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Vehicle charging of any type requires our approval first.