Medical Safety

With the advent of Covid-19 (and other infectious diseases) doing the rounds.  It is vitally important you and we stick to the national and local guidelines.

You must NOT arrive if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Or suspect that you may have become infected.  You must contact up promptly in such case.  If you develop symptoms while you are here, or suspect that you maybe infected, then you must also contact us immediately.

Before arriving with us (or even entering Orkney or Westray) you will be required to have a negative LFT (lateral Flow Test) results for 3days prior and the day of arrival.  You will need to produce your test results upon arrival.  You may also be requested to take a LFT during your stay at our discretion.  Or you maybe subject to non-contact temperature monitoring.  So you will need to have spare LFT kits with you.  If you have a positive LFT or exhibit symptoms, you will be considered ‘infected’ and will be asked to seek local medical assistance on Westray immediately via the NHS.

During your stay, you will be required to wear a mask covering mouth and nose, at all times while indoors.  Unless you are within your room, or eating a meal with us.  If you wish to wear a clear face shield, we may request that up still wear suitable nasal and mother coverings.  You will also be expected to maintain all social distancing requirements in force during your stay.  This applies to all guests and staff.

Upon entry or departure of the accommodation building, you will be expected to use the provided hand sanitiser.  Hand sanitisation will also be required when seating for breakfast.  Breakfast service has changed.

If you injure yourself at any part of our facilities, you must notify us as soon as possible and within 24hrs of such an event.  If you are hospitalised, you must contact us soon as possible.  If you injure yourself and require medical support while anywhere in Westray, please contact the normal minor and emergency services as normal.  Do not attempt to seek support of the local medical facilities without being advised to do so with contact the NHS or ourselves first.

If you have an infection or injury during your stay with us, and have to extend your accommodation for isolation or recuperation needs, you will be liable for all additional accommodation costs and the costs incurred by any guests that your extended stay may affect.  We may request advance payments for such situations.  If you are infectious, you will be in isolation and you will be required to attend to your accommodation needs yourself, while you remain with us.

First aid kits and support are available upon request.  Due to to abuse these facilities have had to be locked away.